Never lose a property deal again due to a lack of access to MONEY...
HOW TO GUIDE15 Proven Ways to Invest in Property Using Other People's Money.
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"The ultimate guide with multiple ways to finance property to ensure that you don't lose that next great deal. All in one easy to implement book...!" 
Do you want to grow your property portfolio, but feel stuck on how to finance your first or next deal?
"In the 15 Ways Guide I reveal the exact methods that I’ve used to build my own multi million rand property empire from scratch, and in just a few years, without using any of my own money." - Anton
These are the exact same methods that I teach my mentorship clients in person who pay me thousands to learn this type of information, only because they are getting the same results. Now available as a 20 page book!
Let me ask you a question?
Do you have clear financial goals that will give you the income and freedom to do what you want in life, that you want to achieve using property as the investment vehicle?

>> But you “think” that you don’t have the money to pay for investment property, and no one will help you? ​

>> Or you “know” you can pay for it, but no one will lend you money due to the fluctuating nature of your income? 

>> Or maybe you have an existing portfolio, but are over exposed financially with the banks?

​And as a result, you are playing the waiting game and not moving any closer towards your goals?

Believe me you are not alone!
94% also think so.
The fact is 94% of the market thinks that to invest in property, you need to be able to pay for it "out of your own pocket", be it in cash or by paying back a loan, or a combination of the two.

And that you need to have the affordability and credibility to prove that you can afford it?
But is there another away?
Here is what the other 6% are doing.
Yes there is! And I have captured all of them in my Guide the 15 Proven Ways to Investment in Property Using Other People's Money (and without having to prove that you can afford it)!
Do you think for one moment that Robert Kiyosaki had the affordability and cash to buy thousands of properties?
No, he used various sources of other people’s money. In fact, in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, he touches on these methods while explaining his mindset.

After fine tuning all these alternative methods and strategies myself, by practically using them as well as teaching them to others, I have consolidated them into one easy to read and implement book. 
I've included the following game changing information in the Guide to move you forward without delay!
  • How to use each of the 15 methods in detail.​
  • ​I reveal some secrets in some of the methods that are game changers when using them and ensuring an exponential return on investment.
  • My top tip for each method, in other words the shortest path to success and which method to use, when.
  • ​Plus I show out potential pitfalls and things to caution against when using them, so you learn from my experience what “not to do”.​
  • ​And most importantly, I include real life examples and “how to” case studies with each method.
    After investing in property for over 12 years and being involved in more than R800m in transactions, I have mastered the skills when using these methods that I'm about to share with you in the Guide. 

    For example:
    • Method no. 1 - how I’m using bank finance to flip off plan developments back to back before taking transfer. My fiancé just made R350k on one of her apartments in this way.
    • ​Method no. 6 – how I’m using partnerships to build my student accommodation property fund.
    • ​Method no. 8 – how I’m using owner finance to wholesale entire apartment complexes and keeping units after covering my cost.
    • ​​Method no. 9 – how I’m using venture capital and angel investment to fund my developments.
    • ​​Method no. 13 – how I’m using rent to rent to generate cash flow in the short term rental market to prove more income to get more bank finance.

      And these are just 5 of the 15 methods...
    You will see on my website and social media pages that my guide currently retails for R497.

    But for a limited time and on this page only as a launch special, you can get your guide right now for just R197.

    I have also included a free bonus, which is a 5 page comparison of the banks lending criteria for different types of home loan applications, including which banks will lend more than 100% and how to qualify for it.
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    A Detailed Comparison of the Major Bank's Home Loan Lending Criteria for Different Application Types.
    Why all this value for so little?
    And again, this is for the same information that you would pay me thousands for to learn from me in person.

    So why am I offering all this value at such a low price?

    Firstly, because I have already done all the work and can now offer large quantities of the guide at a discounted price, to make up for all my blood, sweat and tears learning and implementing the methods myself.

    And secondly, because I want to add substantial value to help you move forward, so that you want to learn more from me and do business with me in the future.

    Get your guide now and I will see you inside. But do it now, as the price will go back up to R500.
    Hurry, this offer won't last long...
    "Securing a financing round for a property is now a reality. Thanks Anton Breytenbach for absolutely blowing my mind" 
    - Curtis
    "Thank you so much. So helpful, this is changing lives and is what we all need!!! Can't wait for more content and to learn more from you"
    - Lulutho
    "Wow this is great insight. I think the lack of knowledge is the one think that is holding me back. You inspire confidence. Thank you"
    - Yves
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